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Suspensions Handed Out

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Blazers Hit Hard With Suspensions and Injuries

The WSHL announced today that there have been several suspensions handed out as a result of the weekend games in El Paso. The Blazers were able to steal a win out of the El Paso arena, something no team has done since March of 2013, but it came at a hefty price.

The league suspended 7 players in all from the weekend showdown which included a combined total of 19 plus games minimum that will be served. Hunter Smith received 5 games, Kole Hudson received 3 games Eric Lietz received 3 games (already served 1), Kiril Romanov recieved 1 game (already served), Jakub Krejci recived 1 game (already served), Devin Burchett received 1 game. Blazers forward Pavel Oxiouta is suspended indefinitely for a major penalty, a game misconduct and a gross misconduct for becoming physically involved with an official after the final buzzer of Sunday’s game. The team was also fined an undisclosed amount of money on top of the suspensions.

“The league wants to make a point, that’s fine. I feel it was way too much compared to what has been the norm this year. Their decisions are their decisions and we will respect that,” said Head coach and GM Tyler Fleck. “We were getting ran constantly and the boys were defending themselves for the most part. Some of it was retaliatory for sure, you can only take so much before you do something about it. The Oxiouta suspension is going to be severe, I know that. But it was stemming from a vicious hit that put him in the hospital on Friday that went uncalled. It is never acceptable to make physical contact with a referee, but it happened and the league will not tolerate it. I am expecting the worst in his case. It’s too bad, he’s a good kid. Hunter Smith’s suspension came as a result of one of our players getting jumped after the game and he came to his rescue, I would have done the same thing. I don’t really know why Hudson got 3 games, that one hurts, it is what it is.”

Oklahoma City also had injuries to several key players over the weekend including top defenceman Lubos Vacek. Vacek is likely to be out 4-5 weeks with an upper body injury. Other players likely to miss this weekend games with injuries are defenceman Jared Guffey, defenceman Drake Johnson and forward Scott Sharkey.

“We could literally have 10-12 players that would be in our regular lineup out for this weekend. There are alot of question marks. We have Tulsa coming in this weekend and they are playing very good hockey right now. They’ve won 4 of their last 6 I believe. It will be a massive gut check to win these games. We will battle and find a way.”

The Blazers will take on turnpike rival Tulsa this Friday at 8:30PM, Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 11AM. All games will be at the Blazers Ice Center.