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Romanov returns to OKC!!!

ROMANOV signs pic

The Oklahoma City Blazers are officially a contender as they announced today that last seasons leading scorer Kirill Romanov has signed on for the 15-16 season.
The 6’3” 190 pound Russian was a force last year amassing 71 points (34 goals and 37 assists) in 45 games including playoffs. Not only did Romanov lead the team in points, but he led the team in penalty minutes also racking up 191PIMS.
“Kirill has all the tools. He’s big, super talented and as mean as they come. He plays the game hard and is very competitive. They aren’t too many guys at this level anywhere as talented as him,” said head coach Tyler Fleck. “He has the ability to take over games, and put the team on his back. We are very excited to have him back and to see what the future brings for him.”
Only a few weeks ago it looked as if Romanov would not return for this season as several major junior teams in Canada had their eyes on him. However, due to very strict import rules Romanov was unable to fit in to anyone of those teams plans at this years import draft.
“I don’t really understand why he was passed over in the draft but there is still a very good chance that one of those teams will come calling very soon. If you aren’t drafted into the Canadian Hockey League, you aren’t even allowed at main camp. Which is too bad, we will keep promoting Kirill until he gets the call,” Fleck stated.
It may be too bad for Romanov at the time being, but great for the Blazers. With the recent signing of Tomas Nemeth the B’s have a two headed monster teams will not want to face. And, although the big Russian powerhouse is not at the pinnacle of junior hockey just yet, he is very happy to be back in OKC for this year.
“I want to win a Thorne Cup,” Romanov made clear during this interview. “Last season was great time in OKC. Made good friends, enjoyed billet family, eat, sleep, play hockey. I really like teammates. Team is like family, everybody works hard and wants to win all games. Former pro player as coach, I like Tyler (Fleck) enjoy playing for him. I want to thank the fans for support this team.”
Romanov likes his coach and I the feeling is 100% mutual.
“I love everything Romy brings to the table, his love for the game, his passion and his determination. He’s a good person. He will be one of the leaders of this hockey club no doubt about it. He wants to get better everyday and we want to help him reach his goals of someday playing in the NHL,” said the coach. “He will be one of our captains this year and he wants to lead by example.”
“I want to lead this team to victory. Win every game, score every game, work hard every game. If I score 5 I want to score 6. I want to pass puck and help teammates score so we beat everybody. I want to be exciting for fans, score goals and hit everybody,” said Romanov
The 18 year old phenom is entering into a very important season as he is eligible for the NHL draft next summer. No player has very been drafted out of the WSHL but Fleck feels Romanov could be the first.
“I have some calls to make to people at the highest level. He has everything they are looking for, talent, size, speed, grit and most of all determination. We will get him looked at and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he gets taken in the later rounds of the NHL entry draft,” said Fleck.
Only time will tell what the future holds for Romanov and the Blazers but it looks very promising for both.
The Blazers open up at home October 16th vs the Springfield Express. The full home schedule will be released to the public this week. For ticket information please cal 405-601-6489.
Let’s Go Blazers!