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Rochester Affiliation Recap

Rebesl training camp recappic

Last week the Oklahoma City Blazers announced they had affiliated with the Rochester Rebels of the 8 team National College Prospects league based in the up northeast of the United States.  Head Coach Tyler Fleck traveled to Rochester this past weekend to see the initial potential of the new farm club.

“I was very impressed. They are doing it right and will echo the things we do up here in OKC. They will operate at maximum capacity like us and will provide several levels of development for both teams, ” said Fleck. “What we are doing from an affiliation standpoint at our level is really unheard of. We will see player movement from our club down to their club and vise versa. Instead of having 25 players in our system we have 50 in a two tiered program.”

The Rochester Rebels spring prospects camp was sold out and very competitive with 40 players filling out two teams over the weekend.

“We will see a few of these guys in OKC at main camp. A couple of them will push for a spot, no doubt. The best part about all of this is that there is motivation for these guys to move up to us and push our guys. We can place some younger players down there and when they are ready for the WSHL we can bring them up to the big club. With the players we saw this weekend, depending on how they do at main camp here in the fall, I can see us signing a couple of them to two way contracts before the season starts.”

The Rebels offered contracts to 13 players who someday we could see having an impact in Oklahoma City in the near future.

“We are excited to be part of this. These players are in the best possible situation they could be in, and they may not realize the extent of it just yet. Bruce Miller (owner) and Tom Donnelly the head coach, are doing  a great job. They know what our expectations are as an extension of our organization. Attention to detail and professionalism is what we are about and they will be too. Very good stuff.”

The Blazers and staff flew from Rochester to Las Vegas this morning for the annual WSHL meetings.

Next week President and Head Coach Tyler Fleck and Assistant Coach Zac Desjardins will head overseas for the Blazers european training camp in the Czech Republic. More news on the Czech training camp coming next week!!

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