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reality check

Blazers 3 Chy 4 pic

Just one night after the Oklahoma City Blazers defeated the Cheyenne Stampede 12-0, OKC was slapped with a quick reality check by losing 4-3 to the same team Saturday. OKC scored two weak goals very early in Saturday’s game and went to sleep. The motivated Cheyenne club fresh off a severe beating the night before was out for revenge and that is exactly what they got by scoring four unanswered goals and bringing the first place Blazers down to earth. OKC added a goal late in the the third but it was too little too late as the Stampede and goaltender Patrik Asbrenner closed the deal for the Cheyenne.

“We were embarrassed in our own barn. I guess some guys thought they could just show up and we would win. Individuals don’t win games, teams do. I am very disappointed with the lack of focus and selfishness of some guys,” said head coach Tyler Fleck. “When you win 12-0 and there are guys pouting and shutting down because they didn’t get points or whatever, just selfish stuff, guys who think they are leaders. We have a lot to learn. Tonight was some of the worst hockey and team play I have ever seen at the junior level. I bet our U18 team could have kicked our (explicit).”

Despite losing the Blazers outshout the Stampede  41-26. Blazers goaltender Braden Lajoie made 22 saves in the loss.

“Lajoie played well. He had zero help on the goals. He is the future of this hockey club and a great team guy. Young and super talented. Goaltending wasn’t the issue whatsoever tonight, we let him down.”

Cheyenne handed the Blazers their 2nd loss of the season and Fleck made it clear that the effort was unacceptable by running the team through a post game conditioning  session in front of the Blazer fans.

“We don’t want to perform and be a team during the game, no problem. We will do it after, I don’t care. We are in the business of developing not only hockey players but people too. You can’t show up to your day job, act selfish and not perform and expect a paycheck in the real world. Same goes here. It’s a life lesson. I believe in everyone we have in that locker room but we have some things to work out. If we believe in each other and the system, we will all be successful, if not we won’t. Success is earned not given.”

The Blazers and Cheyenne play game 3 tomorrow at 2:30 PM at the Blazers Ice Centre.