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Blazers Get Cheated in El Paso

Blazers 2 at Elpaso 3 No Goal


In a trend that is all too familiar in the WSHL, the El Paso Rhino’s once again got away with murder in their own building. The Blazers fell just short Friday night losing 3-2 to the defending National Champ.  Blazers forward Ivan Bukshevanny appeared to have tied the game with a goal the hit a foot above dead center of the El Paso net but was waived off by an entire crew of officials that were out of position.

“We saw it clean as day, the camera’s caught it. The puck was dead center of the net, the game was tied so we thought.” said head coach Tyler Fleck.

On great cross ice feed from line mate Victor Ekk, Bukshevanny flew into the Rhino’s zone burned past Rhino’s defender David Brancik and tucked the puck through El Paso’s goaltender Adam Vay’s arm and body, and into the net.  After a quick discussion the goal was waived off as the officials said they didn’t have clear view of the puck entering the goal.

“They referee’s talked and they talked with the goal judge as well, which really blows my mind, and it was waived off. I can understand when the ref was behind the play he didn’t have a good angle but the goal judge is an absolute joke. Crooked. I guess we are unlucky here in El Paso.”

The Western States Hockey League does not have a video review protocol so the call on the ice stands.

“It’s just another episode of the bull(explicit) we have to deal with when we come to this place. You don’t just have to beat the Rhino’s, you have to beat everyone and everything.”

The Blazers were without several top players last night including top point getter Kirill Romanov as well as Matt Levene, Matthew Audette, Hunter Smith, Drake Johnson, and Jared Guffey.

“We were without a ton of talent tonight, we new we had to be stingy and we were. We outplayed them and deserved a better outcome. We deserved a win tonight but it just didn’t happen for reasons out of our control. ”

Sam Mancini and Johan Sorkin scored the goals that counted for the Blazers.

OKC and El Paso get back at it tonight at 830PM CST.