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Our blog OKC Blazers Hockey was only born thanks to the creativity, vision and sacrifice of a group of hockey fans and betting enthusiasts who started to develop their writing skills to deliver top quality content to readers across the web.

This commitment to effort and to team collaboration has guided us successfully since we first started producing articles for the blog. And it will certainly be what will guide us in the years to come.

That being said, we are recruiting more writers to be a part of our remote team. Do you have outstanding writing skills? Are you a passionate hockey fan? Or are you a user that already knows their way around online betting platforms?

If you can combine all three, that is fantastic. Even if you only answered affirmatively to one question but feel like you could develop the other skills, we would still like to hear from you.

As a writer for our blog OKC Blazers Hockey you could write in-depth and engaging content regarding:

The best online betting tips and platformsThe best betting strategies for beginners and pro bettorsAnalysis of the games and the players’ performanceExplanations on the different leagues and events and how users could bet on each of them   Safety and security measures                                                                                                               Among countless other themes

Browse our blog, learn about us and imagine how you could contribute greatly with your skills and make the lives of thousands of hockey bettors easier.