The Best Hockey Sites You Should Follow


As a hockey betting enthusiast, perhaps you’re more of a betting fan than a fan of the actual game. But trying to bet successfully and win some extra money with only the most basic of knowledge can be quite difficult, or even impossible.

You must get more into the sport first. For that, we’ll present you a list of some of the best hockey sites and blogs around the net.

They provide you with info about the athletes, player transfers, teams, performance, tactics and overall great insights on everything in the world of hockey and the NHL. You can even learn about every skill, strength and accomplishment of your favorite star athletes as well as know when and for how much athlete transfers are made.

The Hockey News is a source that gives you the inside scoop on hockey like possibly no other website. You can find tons of articles, interviews, statistics and predictions. The site’s weekly features from the best writers take you inside the action. It evens covers minor, college and junior leagues.

The great advantage of The Hockey Writers is that it gives you specific local insights on each city’s athletes, star players, teams and events. This is a blog that fans absolutely love and a constant stream of reliable content for more in-dept analysis for your bets. It features more than 80 posts per week.

With more people interested in college hockey betting and more odds open across sites on the web for those events, the blog of the US College Hockey Online website is a great source. It features 360 degrees content on college hockey, including news, stats and recaps.

Hockey World Blog is a trusted source for news, updates and opinion articles on the topics hockey betting fans want to read about. It also features videos of goals, tricks, techniques and analysis of the games.

Pro Hockey News is a site with all-round information on every possible league hockey betting aficionado could be interest in. It posts more than 50 times per week.

This online hockey magazine strives to distinguish itself by presenting exclusive content and by focusing on info and events different than those of the other digital sources on hockey. Worry not. You can count on all your needed National Hockey League to be featured. But on Hooked on Hockey you can also find top quality news and insights on other worldwide pro-leagues, for many of which you can place your bets as well.

The United States of Hockey is a blog specialized in hockey in America. It focuses on content around American athletes, teams and events.

Well, the name of the site is very curious already. Not Your Average Hockey Blog works to make sure that the reader gets a view from all the sides of a game. Its mission is to give hockey fans the most relevant and accurate information of teams and matches. It can very well be the blog that gives you the analysis that will put you a few steps ahead of the other gamblers when you place your bet.

Besides these and many others, you should obviously also check and bookmark the official website of the National Hockey League.

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