How a New Transfer Can Affect Your Hockey Betting


As in every sport, player transfers in hockey can really impact the performance of both the team that lost an athlete and the one that got them.

Here, we will give you some brief insights on whether a hockey team that perhaps you have never thought of betting on can or cannot see a boost in performance after getting a new star transfer.

The star player

Star players are adored by hockey fans. They can be credited with the team’s wins but also blamed by the losses.

A new star player can truly affect the final result. But can just one team member be the panacea?

hockey fight - How a New Transfer Can Affect Your Hockey Betting

Star players not only contribute with their technical skills but can also improve the confidence and the morale of the rest of the team, something essential to the performance. The star player has what we could call a psychologic effect on the group.

However, sudden changes can take time to start producing results and to be completely digested by the team and the trainer.

Situations such as a new trainer and a new player, as well as changes in the common group of players called to the game or the organization in the rink can truly affect the result.

A new team member, even if they are considered a star player, needs to learn their place among the new team organization during the games. The skills of all teammates can now be put to test in different positions. The examples go on and on.

Also, these star players tend to have more of an impact when they are called in midgame to try to rescue an underwhelming performance. Their effect on the result is pretty leveled with that of the rest of the group when they play from the beginning.

So, the cases in which you may need to adjust your betting are when the new hockey transfer just got to the team or when they are substituted in.

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