3 Things to Know About Junior Hockey


The junior hockey landscape is growing not only in terms of talent but also in the betting market. Several betting sites have odds open for junior hockey events. So, here are 3 basics that you should know before considering betting.

The Tier System

defense - 3 Things to Know About Junior Hockey

In the US, there are three levels of junior hockey. The US Hockey League is the only tier 1 league in the country. The players don’t have to carry any costs and have college hockey eligibility. The USHL has high standards of coaching, staff, facilities and player development.

The tier 2 league is the North American Hockey League. It maintains the college eligibility and the high level of competition. All the other junior leagues are in tier 3 in which the players have to support costs. Unlike many sports, all the tiers are protected by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. In Canada, junior hockey has somewhat of a different structure that you can also learn about.


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The future of pro-hockey is in the junior leagues. There are more than 300 alums under contract in the NHL and hundreds of USHL players are already assured to play college hockey.

More than 90% of college hockey players earn their degree, the highest rates in all of collegiate sports. And the junior leagues are now the preferred and most common routes to get to the National Hockey League. Perhaps you’re betting now on a USHL player that you will be betting on in the future when they are a star athlete at a major team.


puck - 3 Things to Know About Junior Hockey

The USHL, the tier 1 league, has been operating since 2002. It has 17 member teams across the Midwestern United States. The season champions are awarded the Anderson Cup.

More than anything, junior hockey leagues work to make young players have the ethic, the skill and the commitment to feel like they’re already playing pro.

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