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7 of the Top Current NHL Players


To successfully bet on hockey you have to get more knowledgeable on the league, the teams and the players. It can help you predict performance and the outcome of the games.

To help you with your hockey betting efficiency, we’ve compiled a list with 7 of the top NHL players right now and included stats about them and their teams.

Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins

Last season, Crosby had 89 points in 82 games. In 2016-2017 he had the most goals of the season in the National Hockey League, with 44. Crosby was the second in the league in points and helped the Pittsburgh Penguins win the Stanley cup for the second consecutive year.

Crosby is a player with great technical and physical skill who knows where to go to make plays.

Drew Doughty, Los Angeles Kings

Doughty led the league last season in total time on the rink. For the fourth season in a row, he played all 82 games. And he reached a career high with his 60 points.

Doughty is an athlete who is efficient in the use of his skill and energy. He executes perfectly the plays that you expect from him. These are the choices that allow him to endure playing so much.

Taylor Hall, New Jersey Devils

Last season, Hall had career highs in almost every category, including goals and points. Seven of his goals switched the scales towards the end of the game and allowed the Devils to quality for the Stanley playoffs for the first time since 2012. Hall´s offensive skills make him the man to beat.

Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks

In 2018, Kane led his team in scoring for the third straight season. His overall sum of 828 points across 11 seasons rank him as fourth in the NHL. Despite his vast experience, he still has an average of over one point per game and is in a point in his career where he can be creative and show his great vision.

Nikita Kucherov, Tampa Bay Lightning

In the short span from 2013 to last season, Kucherov went from 18 to 100 points, ranking third in league. In each of the past three seasons, Kucherov has scored at least 30 goals.

He dominates every aspect of the offensive game: shooting, passing, handling and skating. Considered by many the best offensive winger in the past season of the NHL.

Nathan MacKinnon, Colorado Avalanche

MacKinnon also shattered his own records last season, whether it was goals, points or assists. Nathan is one of the fastest skaters in the league, with speed compared to that of the much consensual best NHL player, Connor McDavid. In the past year, MacKinnon learned how to use that to create great chances and plays.

Connor McDavid, Edmonton Oilers

For the second consecutive year, McDavid tops virtually every list of the best NHL players. Keep in mind that this hockey prodigy is only 22 years old. He had 100 and 108 points in the last two seasons. In both of those he was also voted as the most outstanding player by the NHL Players’ Association.

Most hockey fans and experts believe it’s unarguable that Connor is not only the best offensive winger but overall player in the game. He creates a perfect conjugation between speed, physical skill, endurance and technical prowess.

Other incredible players in the NHL right now include Alex Ovechkin, Erik Karlsson and Brad Marchand.

The Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Hockey Online


Before starting to bet on the NHL, bettors need to fully understand the money line, the most common betting method.

The Money Line

Almost every site uses a 20-cent line to bet on hockey. This is the difference in the odds on the favorite and on the underdog. When the favorite is larger the money line will be bigger than 20 cents.

Typically, it would look like this: team A +110, team B -130. This means team A bettors are asked to bet $100 dollars to earn $110 and team B bettors would risk $130 to win $100. When a team is highly favored it could look like this: team A +250, team B -300.

The Puck Line

As seen above, betting on the winner through the money line method is the most common way to bet on hockey. The second most popular method of betting on the NHL is the puck line. When betting the puck line, you can either lay 1.5 goals with the favorite team or take 1.5 goals with the other team. Something like this: team A +1.5, team B -1.5.

Now, if team A wins the game or loses by one goal, the gamblers who placed their bets on the team win. Team B bettors will only get their income if the team wins by two or more goals. However, risk is compensated. Team A bettors are asked to risk $240 in order to win $100. Meanwhile, team B gamblers would have to risk only $100 to win $200.

Other hockey betting methods include the betting totals and the grand salami. However, start by responsibly studying the two methods above to make your initial bets manageable and enjoyable.

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3 Things to Know About Junior Hockey


The junior hockey landscape is growing not only in terms of talent but also in the betting market. Several betting sites have odds open for junior hockey events. So, here are 3 basics that you should know before considering betting.

The Tier System

defense - 3 Things to Know About Junior Hockey

In the US, there are three levels of junior hockey. The US Hockey League is the only tier 1 league in the country. The players don’t have to carry any costs and have college hockey eligibility. The USHL has high standards of coaching, staff, facilities and player development.

The tier 2 league is the North American Hockey League. It maintains the college eligibility and the high level of competition. All the other junior leagues are in tier 3 in which the players have to support costs. Unlike many sports, all the tiers are protected by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. In Canada, junior hockey has somewhat of a different structure that you can also learn about.


goalie - 3 Things to Know About Junior Hockey

The future of pro-hockey is in the junior leagues. There are more than 300 alums under contract in the NHL and hundreds of USHL players are already assured to play college hockey.

More than 90% of college hockey players earn their degree, the highest rates in all of collegiate sports. And the junior leagues are now the preferred and most common routes to get to the National Hockey League. Perhaps you’re betting now on a USHL player that you will be betting on in the future when they are a star athlete at a major team.


puck - 3 Things to Know About Junior Hockey

The USHL, the tier 1 league, has been operating since 2002. It has 17 member teams across the Midwestern United States. The season champions are awarded the Anderson Cup.

More than anything, junior hockey leagues work to make young players have the ethic, the skill and the commitment to feel like they’re already playing pro.

3 Security Tips to Bet on Hockey Online


As a hockey betting enthusiast, you definitely agree that one of the top priorities when it comes to betting is assuring safety for yourself, your money and your data.

Here are 3 essential security tips you must have in mind when choosing your the best hockey betting sites.

Learn everything about the website’s security measures

A sketchy site is not the type of website you would trust to place your hockey bets. You must search for the policies regarding safety, privacy and data. If anything seems strange, it’s better that you continue looking for options.

Another tip is to read online comments and reviews posted on hockey betting forums. You will typically find specific info about each platform.

Don’t fill out unnecessary information

You surely have your own hesitations about joining a betting site, so why provide information that is not required?

Only fill out the details that are demanded for you to participate. If more information is needed to access specificadditional features, learn everything about it first.

Have control over your budget

Unfortunately, many users that join the world of online hockey betting lose control over themselves and end up losing a great amount of money.

In order to keep a healthy attitudeabout your betting habits you must view them mainly as a form of entertainment and not as a quick way for you to get rich. Have a daily and weekly budget of how much you can place on bets and how much you can afford to lose. And always follow this golden rule: never ever bet on hockey online to get back money that you have lost on previous bets.

Keeping a strict control over your expenses will also allow you to know immediately if the website is removing money than it shouldn’t.

Apply these three crucial rules and you’ll see that betting on hockey online will be both more enjoyable and safer.

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How a New Transfer Can Affect Your Hockey Betting


As in every sport, player transfers in hockey can really impact the performance of both the team that lost an athlete and the one that got them.

Here, we will give you some brief insights on whether a hockey team that perhaps you have never thought of betting on can or cannot see a boost in performance after getting a new star transfer.

The star player

Star players are adored by hockey fans. They can be credited with the team’s wins but also blamed by the losses.

A new star player can truly affect the final result. But can just one team member be the panacea?

hockey fight - How a New Transfer Can Affect Your Hockey Betting

Star players not only contribute with their technical skills but can also improve the confidence and the morale of the rest of the team, something essential to the performance. The star player has what we could call a psychologic effect on the group.

However, sudden changes can take time to start producing results and to be completely digested by the team and the trainer.

Situations such as a new trainer and a new player, as well as changes in the common group of players called to the game or the organization in the rink can truly affect the result.

A new team member, even if they are considered a star player, needs to learn their place among the new team organization during the games. The skills of all teammates can now be put to test in different positions. The examples go on and on.

Also, these star players tend to have more of an impact when they are called in midgame to try to rescue an underwhelming performance. Their effect on the result is pretty leveled with that of the rest of the group when they play from the beginning.

So, the cases in which you may need to adjust your betting are when the new hockey transfer just got to the team or when they are substituted in.

The Best Hockey Sites You Should Follow


As a hockey betting enthusiast, perhaps you’re more of a betting fan than a fan of the actual game. But trying to bet successfully and win some extra money with only the most basic of knowledge can be quite difficult, or even impossible.

You must get more into the sport first. For that, we’ll present you a list of some of the best hockey sites and blogs around the net.

They provide you with info about the athletes, player transfers, teams, performance, tactics and overall great insights on everything in the world of hockey and the NHL. You can even learn about every skill, strength and accomplishment of your favorite star athletes as well as know when and for how much athlete transfers are made.

The Hockey News is a source that gives you the inside scoop on hockey like possibly no other website. You can find tons of articles, interviews, statistics and predictions. The site’s weekly features from the best writers take you inside the action. It evens covers minor, college and junior leagues.

The great advantage of The Hockey Writers is that it gives you specific local insights on each city’s athletes, star players, teams and events. This is a blog that fans absolutely love and a constant stream of reliable content for more in-dept analysis for your bets. It features more than 80 posts per week.

With more people interested in college hockey betting and more odds open across sites on the web for those events, the blog of the US College Hockey Online website is a great source. It features 360 degrees content on college hockey, including news, stats and recaps.

Hockey World Blog is a trusted source for news, updates and opinion articles on the topics hockey betting fans want to read about. It also features videos of goals, tricks, techniques and analysis of the games.

Pro Hockey News is a site with all-round information on every possible league hockey betting aficionado could be interest in. It posts more than 50 times per week.

This online hockey magazine strives to distinguish itself by presenting exclusive content and by focusing on info and events different than those of the other digital sources on hockey. Worry not. You can count on all your needed National Hockey League to be featured. But on Hooked on Hockey you can also find top quality news and insights on other worldwide pro-leagues, for many of which you can place your bets as well.

The United States of Hockey is a blog specialized in hockey in America. It focuses on content around American athletes, teams and events.

Well, the name of the site is very curious already. Not Your Average Hockey Blog works to make sure that the reader gets a view from all the sides of a game. Its mission is to give hockey fans the most relevant and accurate information of teams and matches. It can very well be the blog that gives you the analysis that will put you a few steps ahead of the other gamblers when you place your bet.

Besides these and many others, you should obviously also check and bookmark the official website of the National Hockey League.